Contactless Ski Rental Delivery

This season Skis on the Run will continue to offer exceptional levels of service and equipment to our guests. As an extension of our service offerings, Skis on the Run will have the ability to offer contactless delivery of ski rentals for those guests that request it. This option will be available for all guests staying in Deer Valley or in the greater Park City area. For all deliveries, regardless of requests, all of our technicians will be wearing face masks and gloves at the delivery. The Technicians will also have hand sanitizer and wipes for guests to access at any point throughout the delivery process. Our goal is to exceed the service expectations of our guests while keeping both our staff and our guests as safe as possible. Here is a list of the steps we are taking to ensure exceptional service and safety this coming ski season:

  • All technicians will be wearing face masks and gloves
  • All technicians will have wipes and hand sanitizer at the delivery
  • All technicians will carry excess masks and gloves for guests to use as requested or needed
  • Technicians will limit physical interaction during the boot fitting process by demonstrating to guests how to fit boots properly and allowing guests to try on the boots
  • For guests that require assistance every van will have a portable plexiglass barrier that Technicians can set up to ensure separation while assisting in the fitting process
  • Technicians will wipe down boots at the completion of the fitting
  • Technicians will also wipe down the tablet before each signature

In our shop, we will all be wearing masks and doing daily temperature checks on staff. We have separated the reservation team to ensure proper social distancing. We have also updated our backshop procedures to maintain proper social distancing while in the shop. We have extensive cleaning protocols for all equipment from skis to boots to helmets. Because we are constantly adjusting to new “normals,” these protocols and procedures are dynamic and will be subject to change throughout the season. We know that being outside and sharing activities with family is such a fundamental aspect of joy in life. As you choose to do that with our service, we want to make sure we do our part to minimize contact while you maximize safety and enjoyment.

See you at the delivery,

Patrick & Liz Fannon